Technical Machine

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Allows a Pokemon to learn a single move that requires an HM or TM. It can also can be used to skip the 'art/writing' requirement for move learning


One TM counts for one move. TMs can only be used at the Evo Hall & Merch Usage journal. Only TM/HM or level moves can be learned

Technical Machines do not teach egg or tutor moves, these require a Jumble berry.

This item costs 30 points


Where and how can I get a Technical Machine?

You can get a Technical Machine from the Delibird Market or from another member

Step 1: You must send points to the PKMNprofessor via the donation button. Format the items you are purchasing as
Item Name x 1
Make sure the box next to "I want my donation to only be visible to PKMNProfessor" is unchecked
Step 2: Copy and paste the item list you sent to the PKMNprofessor into the comments section of The Delibird Market

Can I buy a TM from another member? Can I purchase a TM for another member?

You may! This item is transferable and you are able to buy and sell it from other members.