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How To Use Items

Items For Sale

Items that can be purchased at the Delibird Market

Extra Acre

Increases your ranch size by adding 10 slots to the Pokemon limit in your Inventory

  • Price: 20 points

Mountain Bike

A heavy duty Bicycle that gives the User access to the monthly trails.

  • Price: 50 Points
    • One time purchase

Battle Pass

A Pass that allows Users to participate in Pokemon Battles

  • Price: 10 points
    • One time purchase

Gym title

A fancy pass that allows holders to open their own Gym! This item must be applied for at the Region Gym Association

  • Price: 400 points
    • One time purchase

EXP Share

An item that allows the user to share levels from a level 100 Pokemon to any lower leveled Pokemon. Only works on the Pokemon the user owns

  • Expires one month after purchase
    • 'Purchases stack the amount of months the EXP share is active'
  • Price: 100 points

Technical Machines

Allows a pokemon to learn a single move that requires an HM or TM. Also can be used to skip the 'art/writing' requirement for move learning

  • Price 30 points

Jumble Berry

A berry that allows a Pokemon to learn a single move outside of its own type OR any of the pokemon's Egg and Tutor moves. Does not require art or writing.

  • Pokemon cannot learn a move their typing is weak to (example: Axew cannot learn Moonblast, Charizard cannot learn Water Gun, etc..)
    • This rule does NOT apply to Egg/Tutor moves
  • Price: 30 Points

Upgrade Stone

This grey stone helps crossbreeds to reach evolution. May also be used to upgrade one side of the Pokemon without evolving the other sides.

  • For Crossbreed Pokemon only
  • Price: 30 points
    • Current deal! Buy 4 get 1 free! The deal stacks!

Evolutionary Stone


Shimmer Potion

Modify Liquid

DNA Stone

Power Potion

Rare Candy

Form Candy



Great ball

Ultra Ball

Random Egg

Type Specific Egg

Specific egg

Out of Stock Items

Awarded as prizes during Test Your Luck and Events

Prism Scale

Mod Tech

Type Injector

Species Swapper

Dream Berry

Pokemon Roulette

Rarity Egg

Event Rarity Egg


Items for new trainers

Items that are exclusive to new members of Pkmnation

New Trainer Random Egg

New Trainer Type Egg