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This item increases your ranch size by adding 10 slots to the Pokemon limit in your Inventory


You must have acres in order to own Pokemon. The more acres you own, the greater your capacity for Pokemon.If you do not have acres you man not purchase new Pokemon.

They cost 20 points and may be purchased at The Delibird Market


How do I purchase this item?

Step 1: You must send points to the PKMNprofessor via the donation button. Format the items you are purchasing as

Item Name x 1

Make sure the box next to "I want my donation to only be visible to PKMNProfessor" is unchecked

Step 2: Copy and paste the item list you sent to the PKMNprofessor into the comments section of The Delibird Market

How can I tell how many acres I have?

in your pkmnation.com inventory you will find your acres listed next to a leaf symbol. The value on the right shows how many of your slots are full. The value to the left indicates your capacity for new pokemon

  • Example: 15/30 means you have 15 Pokemon currently and 30 slots total. You would have the capacity for 15 more pokemon.

How much does it cost?

Acres costs 20 points, you may purchase multiple at once

How many acres can I have?

There is no limit to how many acres you are allowed to have!

What happens if I run out of acres?

If you run out of acres, you have run out of inventory space. Without inventory space you cannot acquire new Pokemon and any receipts of youors that are waiting in the Clutch Corral will be declined until you have space to house your new pokemon

How many acres do I have to start?

New members are given 10 acres to start with! All other acres after this must be purchased.

Can I buy acres from other members? Can I sell acres?

It is impossible to purchase or sell pre-existing acres from other members. Acres are automatically added to your inventory and cannot be subtracted for any reason.

Can I buy acres for other members?

You may purchase acres for other members, and the reverse is allowed. Again, you cannot purchase pre-owned aces